Estimated Shipping Times

We treat each order as our first, We will make every effort to get your luxury car mats delivered as soon as possible.

Shipping Times

USA and Canada

UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland

Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Portugal

Other EU countries

Asia, Africa and Others

Quality, fit, and coverage are our top priorities, which is why each set is made to order according to the make and model of your car, using precise manufacturer measurements to ensure perfect fit. The Luxurious World Of Car Mats requires approx. 5-7 days to process each order. If additional information is required, delivery times could change.

To help us deliver your order as accurately and quickly as possible, please make sure you provide us with all the relevant car details when ordering. You can use the Other Details section to specify any special vehicle details.

Please be aware that some countries can stop parcels at their borders for security checks and import taxes. These can add to the total delivery time. Depending on your country’s laws, some will impose extra taxes in accordance with the import laws. These extra charges are out of our control, not imposed by The Luxurious World of Car Mats or the couriers we use. All these taxes are government imposed; they receive 100% of these charges. If you failed to pay these charges, parcels can be held for up to 90 days, awaiting payment. This will delay any return or refund process and could fail to qualify for our refund policy.

To offer the best quality/price ratio, even though we are a United States of America based company, all our products are made and shipped from our factory based in China. We supervise the production, packing, and shipping process to ensure you receive the best value for your money.